Hornet Return to School Plan for Fall 2020

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Hornet Return to School Plan - Parent Edition Updated 10/15/2020

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Hornet Return to School Plan Overview presented during August HISD Board Meeting

Notification Protocol for Positive Lab-Confirmed COVID-19 Case

  • As outlined in the Hornet Return to School Plan above, parents of students & employees who are directly impacted by a positive lab-confirmed COVID-19 case will receive notification per protocol.

    The notification protocol details can be found on page 24 and are highligted as follows:

    • If a positive lab-confirmed case is identified for a school participant (student or employee), the District will identify and notify any individuals who had regular or close contact with the affected participant as soon as the district notification is received. This may include the entire class (students, teachers, and staff). These individuals will be required to quarantine before returning to in-person school.

    • School Nurses will notify the local health department of any positive case(s). Huntsville ISD will work with Walker County Health Department for Contact Tracing for any individual with a positive COVID-19 test.

    • For contact tracing, the District will assume that an individual is infectious two (2) days prior to showing symptoms or two (2) days prior to an asymptomatic positive COVID-19 test.

    • Close contact is defined as within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes while not wearing a mask or face shield.


    NOTE:  If parents (or employees) do NOT receive a notification, then contact tracing did NOT identify your child (or you, if employee) as having regular or close contact to the affected individual. 
    You are welcome to contact your campus principal (principal or immediate supervisor, if employee), if you have individual concerns.  Due to HIPPA & FERPA, understand they are very limited on what can be shared on case specifics but they will be glad to visit with you.