• These are just some ideas if you want to do something while you read a book.  This is not an assignment and this is not required.

    1. Reading response journal
    Materials:  spiral notebook and something to write with

    Ideas for reading response journal:

    1. Something new that I learned from this book
    2. How did you feel when you read the book?
    3. The character I identified with most was _______________, because_____________.
    4. This book inspired me to
    5. If I could change a part of the book it would be _______________. I would change it because _________________.
    6. I liked/disliked this book

    2. Create a scene from the book using blocks, legos, action figures, play-doh, clay, etc.

    Materials: block, legos, any toys you have and your imagination.

    3. Draw or paint a picture of your favorite part of the book.

    Materials: paper, colors, pens, pencils, markers, imagination

    4.  Write a prequel or a sequel to the book

    Materials: paper and pen or pencil

    5. Make a snack or cook a meal that was part of the book

    Make sure you have your parents permission.

    6. Make a comic book or graphic novel of the book

    Materials: paper, pens, pencils, color pencils

    7.  Write a song or poem about the book or put together a playlist that would make a good soundtrack for the book

    8. Record yourself reading your favorite part of the book.  You can use your phone camera, flipgrid, camera on the computer.
    This will help you with your reading fluency and it will also help you catch mistakes when you read.  

    9. Act out a favorite scene from the book