Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Matthew Lahey

Frankly, Matthew Lahey hasn’t worked in PK-12 education for that long.


A little over six years ago, he moved back home to Houston from Los Angeles, CA. And, through a set of serendipitous circumstances, he joined the Instructional Technology department of Huntsville ISD.


He’s now the Director of Media for the District, a Google Education Trainer, and proud Hornet.


Matthew believes in the power of technology to help us communicate, express and educate ourselves. This interest in the intersection of people, technology and communication has been the basis of his career.


He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Anthropology and TV / Film at the University of Alabama. Later, he received his Masters of Communication Management at the Annenberg School for Communication.


Between that time, he produced and directed for nonfiction television.


Whether working with rockstar Ozzy Osbourne’s family in Beverly Hills, a scientific researcher at UCLA, a kindergarten class on a Google Hangout or a campaign to fund teachers, the goal has always been to bring his talents to bear helping people tell their stories.


He’s been fortunate to work on shows that have enjoyed commercial success, as well as personally being nominated for a Primetime Emmy.  He’s grateful to have worked with the faculty, staff and students of the Annenberg School serving as Multimedia Technologies Manager.


Matthew may have worked in more glamorous and higher profile positions, but he has never worked on anything as important, or that matters more, than for the children and teachers of Huntsville ISD.