• Hi everyone,

    What is Reading Intervention?

    Reading Intervention is a class designed to meet students' individual reading needs in a small group setting.  I help students with reading strategies, comprehension skills, and analyzing texts.  Word work and writing skills are also included in Reading Intervention class.

    Listed below are links to online books and reading sources:  

    Online books


    Huntsville Intermediate has purchased this program for our students to use at this time:
    1. Click on the link above for ReadingIQ
    2. Enter this School Code: SCHOOL7581
    3. Create an account using your personal email address and a password of your choice.

    Let's talk about the book you chose.  It can be a book from our online library that is linked above or it can be a book that you have at home. 
    Look through the book and read the back and inside covers.  What genre is this book?

    Remember fiction is a story that is made up.  It is not based on true events.

    What are some clues that a book is fiction?  

    Did you see dialogue in the text?  Do you remember what dialogue is?  Dialogue is a conversation between the characters.

    What type of fiction is your book?
    Realistic fiction:  you could easily imagine the story happening to you or your friends
    Humorous fiction:  the author uses humor and the story makes you laugh as you read
    Historical fiction:  the author has chosen a real period in time and has invented a story about that time
    Mystery: the author gives you clues as you read to solve something that is unknown
    Fantasy:  the story is something that would never happen in real life
    Hybrid:  your book is based on real events or a real person but the story has been invented by the author

    Is the book you chose nonfiction?  How do you know?

    Are there text features in this book?  What are some text features you noticed in the book?

    Real photographs
    Table of Contents (remember a table of contents can be any genre)
    Headings and sections
    Cut aways
    Bolded words
    Picture captions

    Did you notice any other text features in your book?

    What type of nonfiction book did you choose?

    Expository:  this book gives information about a topic
    Biography: an author wrote a story about another person's life
    Autobiography:  the story is about the author's life
    Memoir: the author chose a specific story about a person's life 
    Diary or Journal: daily records of someone's life
    Letter: written communication from one person to another

    As you read your book write down any words that are unfamiliar to you.   Can you use your context clues to figure the word out?  Is there a picture that will help you determine the definiton of the word?  If your book is nonfiction look in the glossary to see if the unfamiliar word is defined for you. Google the definition of the word or use a dictionary to define the word. 

    As you read think about what the author's purpose was when he/she wrote the book.

    Student should read book.

    When I say author's purpose what does that mean?

    It means why did the author write this book and what did they want you to learn.

    Here is a short video to help you understand author's purpose:
    Author's Purpose

    Here is an anchor chart for author's purpose.  Make one like this in your journal.  For the word Tasty I want you to add in the author's purpose is to teach a lesson.
    Author's Purpose

    Word Work:  These are quick word work acitivities to help students with spelling, reading, and writing.

    Add the suffix -ness to a word to make it a noun meaning a condition of.

    Suffix: is a letter or group of letters, for example '-ly' or '-ness,' which is added to the end of a word in order to form a different word, often of a different word class.

    kind--kindness  a condition of being kind
    like--likeness    a condition of being like someone or something
    fair--fairness     a condition of being fair
    well--wellness   a condition of being well

    How many more words can you think of that end with the suffix -ness

    Choose 3 words and write a sentence for each of those words.

    One of the rules in Mrs. Glasgow's class is that you show everyone kindness.
    People who enjoy wellness eat healthy food.
    You can count on me to show fairness to all students.

    I will be adding more content as we continue online learning.