Free Meal Distribution for Children During COVID-19 Closure

  • UPDATED March 29, 2020 @ 6:00 PM

    During the COVID-19, Coronavirus School Closure, Huntsville ISD is sponsoring a no-cost LUNCH PROGRAM distributing "Grab & Go" meals on Monday through Friday to children (ages 0 - 18 years old).

    According to current TDA Rules, children must be present to be eligible to receive a free meal.  Meals are available to ALL Huntsville area children; this is not dependent on school enrollment.

    All Green Hornet & Curbside meals will contain lunch items for that day & breakfast items for the next day.

    Multi-meal packs on Tuesday will contain a variety of non-perishable food items appropriate for 5 meals for a child.   


    The Green Hornet Food Bus will stop to distribute at 5 designated public locations (same ones used for HISD Summer Feeding program).  The bus will be parked in the parking lot of the locations below for a limited amount of time before moving to the next bus stop as follows: 

    10:45 AM - Cogan's Grove Subdivision (FM 1696)
    11:30 AM - YMCA (Old Houston Rd)
    11:55 AM - Boys & Girls Club of Walker County (MLK Dr)
    12:20 PM - University Heights Baptist Church (Sycamore Ave)
      1:00 PM - Riverside Baptist Church

    To help avoid creating large crowds at each bus stop location, please limit the number of people gathered to 10 or less & stay 6 feet apart per CDC social distancing protocols.  Please leave the premises as soon as your child receives their lunch.



    11:00 AM - 1:00 PM CURBSIDE distribution at ALL HISD campuses in the Bus Loading Zone OR designated meal pick up area.  Please remain in vehicle & the HISD Child Nutrition Staff will bring the number of children’s meals needed to you.  Campus locations as follows:

    Gibbs PreK Center, 1800 19th Street
    Huntsville Elementary, 87 Martin Luther King Drive
    Samuel W. Houston Elementary, 1641 7th Street
    Scott Johnson Elementary, 603 Hwy 190 East

    Stewart Elementary, 3400 Boettcher Drive
    Huntsville Intermediate, 431 Hwy 190 East
    Mance Park Middle School, 1010 8th Street
    Huntsville High School, 515 FM 2821 East



    Beginning Tuesday, March 31 starting at 2:00 PM, Huntsville ISD Buses will run the morning route (includes all AM & PM stops) delivering multi-meal packs to children ages 0-18.  The TUESDAY pack will contain 5 meals appropriate for a child.  Buses will start delivering from the farthest point on the route first.  Any child can participate so long as they are present at one of the stops on the bus route. 

    Additionally, Huntsville ISD will also have 1 bus distributing packs at the 4 common locations designated below at the set time shown.  If you live in one of these designated areas, this will be the ONLY opportunity to receive a multi-meal pack as there will NOT be another bus routed to your area on Tuesday.

    2:00 PM - Estill & Nance Circle (Watkins-Clark Addition - Huntsville Housing Authority)
    2:20 PM - Tanglewood Mobile Home Park
    2:40 PM - Ridgewood West Apartment Complex (near the playground)
    3:00 PM - Little "L" Mobile Home Park (1658 SH 75N)

updated Meal Information as of March 29, 2020