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  • We are very proud of the many programs and services we provide here in Huntsville ISD.  Additionally, we are excited about a variety of activities, events, and initiatiatives taking place throughout the district each year.  Many of these have been featured as digital media reports and shared with the Board of Trustees during their regular monthly meetings. 


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Hornet Success Academy (HSA)

  • Hornet Success Academy

    The brand new Hornet Success Academy offers an alternative to the traditional high school experience for students who are focused on getting their diploma, and have encountered obstacles to finishing at a traditional high school. 

Performing Arts

  • Performing Arts in HISD
    The Performing Arts are alive in Huntsville ISD! This year, our kids are experiencing an unprecedented amount of success in the arts. Whether they act, dance, sing or play an instrument, the students learn valuable real word skills while having the chance to express themselves in their creative home!

Fine Arts

  • Fine Arts in HISD
    Does Art Matter?
    Can Art help our students express themselves?
    Can Art help teach Math, Science and Language Arts?

    We recognize Youth Art Month in March of each school year to help celebrate our students' artwork & talents!


Special Education Services

  • Special Education Services in HISD

    Meet the Special Education Services Department!

    We are proud of the outstanding services we provide to all of our students, and our Special Ed Services is an awesome part of our commitment to educating ALL students!

Green Hornet & Summer Feeding

  • Green Hornet Bus Summer Feeding Program

    Free Lunch during the Summer!!

    We are proud to serve our community with The Green Hornet and Summer Meal Program at several schools & community locations.  Come to one of the campuses, or meet The Green Hornet out in the community.  Meals are available to ALL children (ages 1-18) in our community, not just HISD students!  Check out the locations, dates and times posted on the Summer Feeding webpage for more information!  This Summer- Let's Do Lunch!

Transportation Services

  • Huntsville ISD Transportation

    We are very proud of our Transportation Department, and the staff that serves our community! They work behind the scenes everyday to make Huntsville ISD what it is-- they help us Build Champions each and every day!! Thank you drivers, monitors and everyone at Transportation!!

Initiatives & Other

Safety Initiatives

  • Safety Initiatives

    Here at Huntsville ISD, we are implementing an array of safety initiatives to help keep our students, staff and faculty safe- on campus, and online. We take it seriously, and we ask for your help-- we can ALL help Huntsville ISD be safe!  Safety is an absolutely a community effort, and we'd like to thank our community, including the agencies listed below, that help keep our kids safe! THANK YOU!!

    City of Huntsville Police Department; City of Huntsville Fire Department; Huntsville/Walker County EMS; The "I Love You Guys" Foundation; Sam Houston State Police Department; Texas Deparment of Public Safety; Texas Ranger Steve Jeter; Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University; Walker County Office of Emergency Management; and Walker County Sheriff Departmen.t


  • Volunteering in Huntsville ISD

    What would we do at Huntsville ISD without our volunteers? 
    They are partners in educating our children and supporting our teachers and programs, and we love them! THANK YOU for helping us Build Champions!  If you watch this video and aren't currently volunteering here and are inspired to do so, there has never been a better time to join us.

January 2020 - Board Appreciation Month

  • rocket blasting off for school board appreciation month 2020

    Seriously (and no offense to any other district), we have the BEST BOARD of Trustees!

    We acknowledge you in the month of January during Board of Trustees Appreciation Month, but your commitment to our District, and our gratitude for your service, lasts all year!!!

    Thank you for Launching the Next Generation!!

    Board President ~ Rissie Owens
    Board Vice President ~ Tracy Stoudt
    Board Secretary ~ Trey Wharton

    Ken Holland
    J.T. Langley
    Sam Moak
    Dr. Karin Olson Williams

    Thank you!!