District Emergency Management

Emergency Management Team

  • The Huntsville ISD Emergency Management Team was first assembled in the Fall of 2017 to evaluate, plan, and implement safety measures to improve the safety and climate for the students and staff of this district.  The committee is composed of Huntsville ISD staff that are most closely involved in the establishment and maintenance of a safe school district.  Well in advance of pending directives of SB 11, the committee has been proactive in it’s vision and work to make HISD a safe place for all stakeholders. 

    Meeting on a monthly basis, the team focuses their attention to a variety of health, safety and emergency preparedness matters that impact the district.  Their work has been intrumental in the measures HISD has taken to help create safe facilities and learning environments for all.  The team is responsible for the district's adoption of the Standard Response Protocol and Standare Reunification Method.  Additionally, the team has implemented systems that address required/recommended safety drills, effective communication, network security, facility access and multi-hazard response along with routine checks to test the integrity of each.  As new concerns or issues develop that impact HISD emergency and safety, the commitee will seek to find viable and effective resolutions that can be recommended for consideration to Administration and the Board of Trustees.


    Current Emergency Management Team Members:

    Bill Roberts, Committe Chair & Assistant Superintendent
    Sgt. Mike Legerski, HISD SROs/Huntsville Police Department
    Larry Brown, Director of Maintenance
    Rodney Marek, Coordinator of Maintenance
    Nadine Pharris, Director of Technology
    Maron Samuel, Coordinator of Technology
    Robert Kennedy, System Software Specialist
    Shannon Duncan, Director of Communications
    Charles McGowan, Director of Transportation
    Becky Presley, HISD Lead Nurse
    Gary Evans, HHS Assistant Principal

School Safety & Security Committee

  • This committee was establised during the 2019-2020 school year and is comprised of the Emergency Management Team members above in addition to:
    HISD Superintendent, HISD Board of Trustees President and another Board Member; 2 parents/guardians of currently enrolled students; 1 or more representatives from the office of emergency management for the county/city; 1 or more representatives of the local police or sheriff's office, 1 or more from the district's police department, if applicable; and 1 or more designees of the district's superintendent, 1 of whom must be a classroom teacher in the district.

    Periodically the committee must provide recommendations to the district's Board of Trustees and Administration regarding updating the district's MEOP - Multihazard Emergency Operations Plan in accordance with best practices identified by TEA, TSSC, or a person in the registry estabilshed by TSSC.  The committee must consult with local law enforcement agencies on methods to increase law enforcement presence near district campuses.  

    The committee must meet at least once during each semester and once during the summer.  Committee Meetings are subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act and may meet in executive session.  Notice of a committee meeting must be posted in the same manner as notice of a meeting of the district's board of trustees.  

Huntsville ISD Safety Initiatives