Hornet Success Academy

  • "A Program of Choice"

    Huntsville Independent School District provides the Hornet Success Academy program to Huntsville High School At-Risk students who are not succeeding in the traditional high school setting.  Students accepted to the Hornet Success Academy complete their remaining high school credits through blended instruction comprised of direct teach with a certified teacher and Edgenuity, a web-based computer program.

    The Hornet Success Academy is located within Huntsville High School.

    Admission into this program will be application based (see below). 

    There is NO deadline; applications will be accepted and reviewed as openings become available.  

    The program will operate on a flexible day schedule. 
    Each student's schedule will be designed to meet their own individual needs.

Students Considered for Program

  • Any student who qualifies under one of the At-Risk factors listed below: 

    • Retained at least once in a prior grade
    • Failed 2 or more core subjects during a semester in preceding or current school year or is not maintaining a 70 in 2 or more subjects in the current semester
    • Was previously reported to PEIMS as a dropout
    • Pregnant/parent
    • Failed 1 or more subjects on the last STAAR test
    • Is/Was placed in DAEP/AEP (preceding or current year)
    • Is/Was expelled in preceding or current school year
    • Is currently in custody of care of Dept. of Family and Protective Services or has in current school year been referred to DFPS
    • Homeless
    • LEP student
    • Resided in preceding or current year in a residential placement facility in the dirstr, including a foster group home

Criteria for Admission

  • Priority will be given to those listed below:

    1. HHS Seniors who did not graduate during the 2018-2019 school year
    2. HHS Students with extenuating or unusual circumstances that prevent them from attending traditional classes
    3. HHS 4th year students who will not graduate through the traditional high school program within 1 year
    4. HHS 3rd year students who will not graduate through the traditional high school program within 2 years

Students Not Eligible

    1. Students who are not classified as at-risk.
    2. Students who want to graduate early.
    3. Students who are persistent discipline problems.
    4. Students who are on track to graduate through the traditional high school setting.
    5. Students who are not currently enrolled at Huntsville High School.

Application Information