• Spring Break 2020

    France, Germany, and the Alps

                 Paris, Lucerne, Munich, extension to Vienna


    11 days: (tentatively) March 6 – March 16, 2020 


    Tour leaders:           Scott Bumbaugh      sbumbaugh@huntsville-isd.org

                                     Karen Tymniak        ktymniak@huntsville-isd.org


               Here is the link for you to sign up for the trip.   




                        before October 31, 2018

                                       students $3395                                    adults     $3945   

                        after October 31, 2018

                                        students $3595                                    adults     $4145  


     The $200 off included in the quote is only valid through 10/31, so please make sure all your prospective travelers sign up by then to get the $3395/$3945 price.

    • Otherwise, it will be $3595/$4145 minimum come November 1, plus any program price changes for the tour
    • (what you have now is the price for travelers who enroll in October, November may be a different price, December may be different, so on so forth – I find out if the price will increase the last week of the month).


    • Also, the departure date range is March 4th– March 8th for the tour to begin, with a requested departure date of March 6th (we ask for 2 days before and 2 days after as departure date range flexibility for spring break tours). 


                     If you are certain you want to go, please sign up now and save yourself $200.  



    Let me know if you have any questions.





    Experience European history from three different angles.

    In Paris, feel the echoes of the Revolution in the Place de la Concorde.
    Munich’s charming Glockenspiel and cobblestone streets transport you back to the Middle Ages.
    In between, the spectacular mountain scenery of Lucerne belongs to no particular era; the grandeur and beauty of the Alps are truly timeless.


    Sample Itenerary

    Day 1: Fly overnight to France

    Day 2: Paris – Meet your Tour Director at the airport in Paris, the City of Light. – Take a walking tour of Paris. – Visit Notre Dame Cathedral, where you can admire its sculptured facade, stained-glass rose windows, and seemingly weightless vaulted ceilings.

    Day 3: Paris – Take an expertly guided tour of Paris: Place de la Concorde; Champs-Élysées; Arc de Triomphe; Les Invalides; Eiffel Tower. – Time to see more of Paris or visit Versailles.

    Day 4: Paris – Visit the Louvre, which is home to treasures like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

    Day 5: Paris | Lucerne – Take a day train from Paris to Switzerland, where the majestic Swiss Alps rise behind the shores of Lake Lucerne and provide the stunning backdrop to one of Switzerland’s most picturesque cities.

    Day 6: Lucerne – During your tour of Lucerne, you’ll see the poignant Lion Monument, or Löwendenkmal, a sandstone statue commemorating the Swiss Guards slain in the 1792 Paris storming of the Tuileries. Follow Lucerne’s winding cobbled streets past fairy-tale houses to the Chapel Bridge, or Kapellbrücke. Stroll along this covered bridge, which dates back to medieval days, and admire the colorful murals overhead. – Time to see more of Lucerne or enjoy a Swiss Alps experience.

    Day 7: Neuschwanstein | Munich – Make a stop in Liechtenstein. – Travel to Neuschwanstein. – Visit Neuschwanstein Castle. – Travel to Munich, where you’ll experience the medieval to the modern.

    Day 8: Munich – Take an expertly guided tour of Munich: Olympic Stadium; Residenz; Marienplatz. – Visit Dachau, a WWII Nazi concentration camp built in 1933 and liberated by the Allies in 1945. It now serves as a memorial museum. – Take a walking tour of Munich: Frauenkirche; Neues Rathaus.

    Day 9: Depart for home 2-DAY TOUR EXTENSION Day 9: Vienna – Transfer via Salzburg to Vienna. – Welcome to Vienna, residence of the imperial court for six centuries. Vienna is marked with the seal of the powerful Habsburgs, a family who once ruled over half of Europe.

    Day 10: Vienna – Take an expertly guided tour of Vienna. – Visit Schönbrunn Palace. – Enjoy a strudel demonstration and tasting.

    Day 11: Depart for home