• French 1

    The textbook is T’es Branché


    Students should be able to access the book online and to download to their Chromebooks to have access offline. 


    This is the link to the student textbook. 

    You should be able to copy and paste it into your web browser and then join the course. 



    4th period     https://passport.emcl.com/login/#/welcome?course-invite-hash=uylj9vWl


    7th period     https://passport.emcl.com/login/#/welcome?course-invite-hash=dibmHDBe



    Remind 101

     If you would like to have information about homework and tests through text message:                              Text @tymniak1 to 81010             Password is french


    Google Classroom code: 8lst92g (that is a lowercase L - not a number 1)


    Tutoring Schedule

    before school     Tues and Thurs     7:20-7:40

    advocate           Mon-Friday           A

    after school       Mon     (classroom)   3:40-4:00
                            Tues   (classroom)   3:40-4:00
                            Wed   (commons)   3:40-4:00
                            Thurs (commons)   3:40-4:00

    Quizzes, tests, and projects





    Monday          -   

    Tuesday          -  

    Wednesday     -  

    Thursday        -   

     Friday             -