• CTE Advisory Board
    Goals and Purpose of the Huntsville ISD Career and Technical Education Advisory Board
    It is imperative that education, business, industry, and community members communicate in order that Career and Technical Education can perform the function for which it was designed. The Advisory Board is the vehicle by which the district develops this communication.
    The goals of the board are to:
    • Advise the district in both long and short-range planning for Career and Technical Education programs.
    • Advise the district of current job needs and the relevance of Career and Technical Education programs and courses offered by the district.
    • Provide a forum for recommending equipment and training so that Career and Technical Education can adequately meet it's goals.
    • Enhance political and community support of career and technical education.
    Serving on the business advisory board:
    • Use your industry to enhance Career and Technical Education in Huntsville ISD by serving on our advisory board. The advisory board consist of business partners and community members who review program offerings and advocate for CTE.
    2018-2019 Advisory Board Executive Officers
    Chair - Carol Smith
    Secretary - Toi Williamson