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    Academy of Agriculture and Manufacturing
     - Animal Science
     - Horticulture
     - Welding
    Academy of Arts, Media and Entertainment
     - Audio/Video Production
     - Video Game Design and Animation
     - Graphic Design and Animation
     - Fashion Design
    Academy of Business, Marketing, and Finance
     - Accounting
     - Business Management
     - Marketing
    Academy of Construction
     - Construction Technology
    Academy of Criminal Justice
     - Law Enforcement
    Academy of Education and Training
     - Teaching and Training
    Academy of Engineering
     - Robotics
    Academy of Health Professions
     - Certified Nurse Assistant
     - Certified Medical Assistant
     - Pharmacy Technician
    Academy of Hospitality & Tourism
     - Culinary Arts
    Academy of Human Services
     - Child Guidance
     - Cosmetology
    Academy of Information Technology
     - Computer Technician
    Academy of Transportation
     - Automotive Technology