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    We will identify rhythm, rhymes, alliteration and sensory details in poems.

    We will create a poem using our five senses.

    Review sight words each night.

    Word Study and Spelling

    We will work on words with long a and bossy e.

    Have your child practice spelling:

    cake, shame, make, late, vase, tame, gate, whale, trade, fake, game


    We will compose and decompose numbers to 99.

    49= __ tens and __ ones   

    __ + __ = 83

    Social Studies

    We will explain and practice voting as a way of making choices and decisions.

    Important Reminders

    • November 16: K/1st Pow-Wow 2:30pm
    • November 15: Thanksgiving Lunch
    • November 19-23: Thanksgiving Holiday

    Specials Schedule

    PE, Music, PE, Art, PE




    Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe

    This board includes many different activities to help your child practice spelling words. Your child must choose at least three of these activities to complete for weekly spelling homework. The activities must make a tic-tac-toe line: horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Please sign and date your choices. Parents, you are encouraged to assist your child as needed to make homework a positive learning experience. This sheet should be turned in on Friday.  Have fun!


    Week of Nov. 5 Spelling Words: cake, shame, make, late, vase, tame, gate, whale, trade, fake, game

    Trace Around- Print one of your spelling words neatly. Take a colored pencil. Crayon and outline the word, following close to the shapes of the letters. Close your eyes and remember the shape. Now try and write the word. (This is to help notice tall, small and drop down letters.

    Telephone Words- Translate your numbers from a telephone keypad.

    Rainbow Write- Write words using markers, crayons or colored pencils.

    Pudding Practice- Try using instant pudding as a finger paint to practice spelling words

    Race the Clock!- How many words can you spell in one minute?

    Pyramid Words!- Write your words adding or subtracting one letter each time. The result will be a pyramid shape of words.

    Cheer Your Words!- Pretend you are a cheerleader and call out your words!

    Word Search- Create a word search with your spelling words.

    Repetition- Write each word 5 times.