• "C" students you need to make sure your assignment is turned in by 11:59 pm of the due date to be counted present or attend your period google meets the day of.

    8/19 - Fill out student inofrmation form (if you did this before 8/19, this will not count toward your attendance) or fill out Exit Ticket

    8/20 - Warm-up or photo of your Lab report notes in PDF format

    8/21 - Warm-up or fill out Exit ticket

    8/24 - Warm-up or photo of your Dimensional Analysis notes in PDF format

    8/25 - Warm-up or photo of your Scientific Notation notes in PDF format

    8/26 - Safety Project and Safety Exam 

    8/27 - Warm-up or photo of your graphing notes in PDF format

    8/28 - Warm-up or photo of your graphing assignment in PDF format

  • Want reminds about important due dates?

    Text the message @msness to the number 81010.

  • Need another copy....


    2nd Period Google Classroom link: v3u22vr

    4th Period Google Classroom link: lulhszm

    5th Period Google Classroom link: w5qvtif

    7th Period Google Classroom link:dgkx3h7