Knowledge and skills

    1. You must be able to, with AND without a calculator,  perform operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) on:
      1. negative numbers
      2. fractions
        1. convert between mixed and improper fractions
        2. know how and when to find a common denominator
        3. simplifying fractions
        4. finding equivalent fractions
      3. decimals
      4. two or more linear terms
      5. two or more quadratic terms


    1. You must be able to, with AND without a calculator,  solve equations using:
      1. the order of operations
      2. negative numbers
      3. fractions
      4. decimals
      5. the distributive property
      6. laws of exponents
      7. properties of radicals
        1. including simplifying radicals
      8. divisibility rules
      9. greatest common factors


    1. You must be able to, without a calculator,:
      1. solve linear equations, including:
        1. one-step equations
        2. two-step equations
        3. multi-step equations
        4. literal equations
        5. systems of equations
      2. solve quadratic functions by factoring


    1. You absolutely must, WITHOUT a calculator and on a coordinate (x,y) plane, be able to:
      1. read points
      2. graph points
      3. graph lines
      4. read a graph for the properties of the line (slope, intercepts, direction, etc…)
      5. graph an equation in either standard or slope-intercept form
      6. write an equation from a graph
      7. read an equation for the properties of the line


    This class will have a substantial amount of word problems that require and foster critical thinking.