• Bamberg, Germany

    Old city hall in Bamberg, Germany.

    Google Classroom Codes

    Each of my Google classes has an individual code which you will need to use to access the class.  Please note:  I do not enroll students in the Google classes.  You will need to do this yourself.  Make sure that you enter the correct class.  I have them arranged in schedule order.  For your convenience, here are the codes to access your class:


    2nd period German 1:  caip6ay

    3rd period German 2/Pre-AP German 2:  swsbpz6

    4th period Pre-AP German 1:  cgdsbmw

    5th period German 1:  ryndzu7

    6th period Pre-AP German 3/AP German 4:  izqavsi

    7th period Pre-AP German 2:  m6vxtlk