HISD Transportation Services

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Department Contact

  • Charles McGowen
    Director of Transportation

    Physical Address: 96 Martin Luther King Drive

    For questions or concerns related to Transportation, please call: 

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Bus Registration

    Transportation Registration requests for the 2019-2020 School Year

    NOTE:  Students are not APPROVED to ride until HISD Transportation calls the parent with the bus route details!

    Transportation Registration is an annual requirement.  Routes and schedules are subject to change throughout the school year.

    Only students who are approved to ride will be allowed afternoon bus transportation.  All other students will be prohibited from using afternoon transportation services until their registration to ride is approved by HISD Transportation and parents are called with route details.  Any student standing outside in the morning will be picked up by bus and transported to school but they will not be transported home in the afternoon unless approved.

    All NEW HISD students needing transportation will submit the required bus registration paper application at the campus with their enrollment paperwork.    
    Please contact the child's campus Registrar/PEIMS Specialist for Transportation Registration or to request changes.  New requests and transportation changes typically take 48 to 72 hours to process and become approved, so please plan accordingly.

Would YOU drive our bus? We are always hiring drivers!

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