Home Access Center (HAC)

  • Welcome to the Home Access Center (HAC) for parent/guardian online portal to access grades, attendance, assignments, teacher notes during the school year and to complete the annual HISD Returning Student Online Registration process for RETURNING STUDENTS.   

    Note about the HAC Status:
    When the HAC status is "CLOSED" for grade input and report card runs, parents will receive a default error message like the one below:HAC error message

    Please be patient and wait for HAC to reopen once the required marking period processes have completed.  If you have questions about grades whily HAC is temporarily closed, please contact the child's teacher directly.

    When HAC is OPEN, you can click the link below to access the grades, assignments, and attendance information about your student 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Parents must have a current email address on file with the District for each student in order to access the HAC parent portal.  
    Click the A+ button below to enter the Home Access Center (HAC): 
  • Home Access Center (HAC)

HAC for Student Registration Purposes -

  • Re-registration does not take very long to complete.  Once you have successfully logged into your Home Access Center parent portal via the link provided above for Huntsville ISD 2021-2022 LIVE, please follow the steps to complete the re-registration form for your returning student(s).  See Registration screenshot or the HAC Registration Step by Step below for support.  
    1.  Click the REGISTRATION icon button in the menu bar.  
    2.  Select the "Update Enrollment" tab next to the Demographic tab.  
    3.  Click the word "START" in the box to take you to the link for the new school year registration form.
    4.  To begin the 2021-2022 form, parent must confirm your own age by clicking the small box.
    5.  Authenticate the Date of Birth for the returning student the form is for using MM/DD/YYYY formate & verify student's name above box.   
    Most of your child's data is prepopulated and copied over for you from last school year.  The student's grade should reflect the grade they will be enrolling in for the 2021-2022 school year.  Please verify the data shown is correct, or update the areas that need to be changed.  Please verify or update each section.  Note that your re-registration form is not complete until all REQUIRED items in each section are COMPLETE and you click the SUBMIT button under it. 
    *If you do not have an email address or your email address needs to be updated, please contact the District PEIMS Office during the summer for support (contact information can be found at the bottom of this page).    
    If you have multiple children who are returning students needing to be re-registered, you will have an option to select another student to register after you have successfully completed and submitted the first student's form.  You can repeat this for all children needing to re-register.  If you do not see your other students listed, please contact the HISD PEIMS Department at 936-435-6300 so they can link the students for you.  
    Beginning in August, the online student registration will be closed and ALL student registration (RETURNING & NEW) will have to be processed directly at the child's assigned campus.
    **Transportation Registration is also required each school year.  If you selected that you need Transportation for your child this school year, please go their separate registration form on the Transportation Department page to complete that bus registration process.  Once your child is officially routed, the Transportation Department will contact you with your child's bus assignment and route information.  Please do NOT put a child on the bus until you have received this official Transportation communciation.  

HAC Registration Step by Step

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Home Access Center Support

  • Parents, Do You Need Help with HAC???

    REMEMBER - Parents must have a valid email address on file for each child in order to use the Home Access Center (HAC) Parent Portal.

    Please contact the Registrar/PEIMS Specialist for your child's campus listed below to set up an email address or to obtain support with account registration or access:

    For Assistance during the School Year
    Gibbs Pre-K Center - 435-6553
    Samuel W. Houston Elementary - 435-6754
    Huntsville Elementary - 435-6856

    Estella Stewart Elementary - 435-6704
    Scott Johnson Elementary - 435-6254
    Huntsville Intermediate - 435-6503
    Mance Park Middle School - 435-6403
    Lateel Richardson
    Huntsville High School - 435-6103
    Jessica Flowers
    ***For Assistance during the Summer***
    District PEIMS Office
    Call: 936-435-6300

HAC for Grade/Report Card Viewing Purposes -

  • When HAC is open, the HAC Parent Portal allows parents to view the child's classes, assignments, attendance, and all grade reporting information (prior & current).  To view Report Card grades posted from prior marking periods (MP), click the A+ icon at the top of the screen labeled "Grades."  Should you need any assistance with grade viewing or report card information, please contact the campus Registrar/PEIMS Specialist for direct support. To view Report Card grades click on the Report Card tab as shown below.
    report card view in HAC