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Welcome to the Samuel W. Houston Elementary page!

HISD Vision:
All students thrive as lifelong learners and global citizens prepared for the futures they create.

Vision Statement

All students of Samuel W. Houston Elementary are empowered and motivated to impact the world as responsible, innovative thinkers.   


Our Mission

The Huntsville Independent School District and Samuel Walker Houston Elementary will establish a family atmosphere with students, parents, and community to provide comprehensive, equitable educational experiences based on national and state curriculum and testing standards, and innovative teaching, in a caring, safe environment. Student progress and personal development will be monitored and measured to assure that each student advances to his/her highest potential.

The educators, parents, community members, churches and other agencies will provide the support for a comprehensive, rigorous, curriculum, other student development programs and facilities to assure the overall development of each student.

Each student will experience the latest learning technologies, advanced math, science, communication skills and the appreciation of the arts in order to become a competitive player in a diverse, global environment.


The City of Huntsville's 7th Street Rehabilitation Construction project officially initiated August 15, 2016, and will impact the entire area in and around the Samuel W. Houston Elementary campus.  This project is expected to last the greater part of the 2016-2017 school year.  The City's project will be done in 3 phases and what we are communicating now is in response to phase #1. With the exception of a small section in front of the campus, 7th Street will be mostly shut down from Old Madisonville Road to Avenue M.  

Parents/Guardians need to pay close attention to barricades and posted directional signage placed around our campus this school year.  You should prepare for an increase in congestion as required detours and mandatory rerouting of regular traffic patterns are in effect.  Please make any necessary adjustments to your morning schedules to help avoid conflicts or delays.

Entrance to the campus will be allowed from Old Madisonville Road, only.  Exiting the campus will be restricted.  Traffic will be forced to Exit right onto 7th Street and make another immediate right onto Avenue P.  Please be mindful that all buses and staff members will be using Avenue P to Enter and Exit the side parking lot which will also increase traffic congestion in that area.  We ask that you use extreme caution when traveling through our school zone and construction areas as well as watch for increased pedestrian traffic.  

We will continue to communicate updates throughout the project to keep you informed of any additional required changes to traffic patterns.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we all work together to help keep our students, staff, and stakeholders safe.  The district provides bus transportation service for all students and we strongly encourage families to consider utilizing the service this school year.  Bus registration is required before students will be allowed to ride and must be done through the HISD Transportation Department.  If you have questions about bus service, please call 936-435-6800.


El proyecto de Construcción de Rehabilitación de la Calle 7 de la Ciudad de Huntsville inicio oficialmente el 15 de Agosto de 2016, y tendrá un impacto en toda la zona y alrededor de la escuela de Samuel W. Houston. Se espera que este proyecto dure la mayor parte del año escolar 2016-2017. El proyecto de la Ciudad se llevara a cabo en 3 fases y lo que comunicamos ahora es en respuesta a la fase #1. Con la excepción de una pequeña sección frente de la escuela, la calle 7 se cerrara de Old Madisonville Road a la Avenida M.

Los padres/tutores necesitan prestar mucha atención a barricadas y señalización de direccionales colocados  alrededor de nuestra escuela este año escolar. Usted debe prepararse para un aumento en congestión como desvíos necesarios y obligatorios de tráfico que están en efecto. Por favor, haga los ajustes necesarios a sus horarios de mañana para ayudar evitar conflictos o retrasos.

Solamente, se permitirá la entrada a la escuela por Old Madisonville Road. La salida de la escuela será restringida. Se obligara al tráfico que Salga a la derecha hacia la calle 7 y hacer otra derecha de inmediato en la Avenida P. Por favor este consciente que todos los autobuses y empleados usaran la Entrada y Salida de Avenida P  del estacionamiento al lado que aumentara la congestión de tráfico en esa área. Le pedimos que usted tenga mucho cuidado cuando viaje a través de nuestra zona escuela  y área de construcción, así como ver el aumento de tráfico de peatones.

Seguiremos comunicando actualizaciones durante el proyecto para mantenerlo informado de cualquier cambio adicional requerido a patrones de tráfico. Agradecemos su cooperación y paciencia mientras trabajamos juntos para ayudar a mantener a nuestros estudiantes, el personal, y partes interesadas seguros. El distrito ofrece servicio de transporte de autobús para todos los estudiantes y le recomendamos a las familias que consideren utilizar el servicio este año escolar. Se requiere el registro de autobús antes que se les permita a los estudiantes subir y se debe hacer a través del Departamento de Transportación de HISD. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el servicio de autobús, por favor llame al 936-435-6800.

News & Announcements

Green Hornet Block Parties

Serving FREE hotdogs and sharing information about our seamless summer feeding program for children. Join us at these block party locations from 5:30 to 6:30 pm on these dates to learn more!

New Attendance Notification

Huntsville ISD has a new and updated system for notifying parents that includes letters sent by mail when students have been absent from school, regardless if absences are excused or unexcused. We are committed to student learning and school attendance is fundamental in giving all students the best opportunity to succeed. We are making a commitment to notify parents on a regular basis starting when students have 3 or more days of unexcused absences AND when a student accumulates a total of 5 or more excused absences. At 10 absences a doctor’s note will be required to excuse further absences. Please understand that these notifications are part of the process of our working together with you to address attendance issues and questions. If you receive these letters, we pledge to work with you to find solutions and resources to address attendance issues and discuss what may occur if unexcused or excessive absences continue. Please remember, any unverified absence must be cleared within 72 hours or the absences will be unexcused.

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Date: 5/8/2017
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